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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  April 12, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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justice for amilcar perez- lopez. >> protesters calling for justice after two police officers were cleared in a controversial police shooting. >> this is sufficient evidence to file charges. >> good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener.
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a small crowd is gathered in san francisco's mission district tonight. today, the district attorney announced those officers would not face criminal charges, citing evidence, and interviews. we get the developing news now from ktvu's debora villalon. >> reporter: about a dozen protesters are still out here, undeterred by the drizzle, they are blocking valencia street at 17th street as police look on. this group holds weekly vigils for amilcar perez-lopez. >> what do we do? we fight back. >> reporter: protesters say they won't give up or go away. outraged the shooting of a
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young guatemalan immigrant has been justified. >> it is a shock, and it has opened up some very deep wounds in the community. >> reporter: the district attorney describes his decision as transparent and painstaking. >> in total, more than three dozen civilians provide us statements regarding the shooting. >> reporter: saying amilcar perez-lopez chased a man down the street. experts created an animated reenactment of the shots. >> we note that the officers did order him to drop the knife. he did not drop the knife, and then the shots were fired. >> reporter: gascon says two officers identified themselves,
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but then lopez had slashing actions. >> justice for amilcar perez- lopez. >> reporter: but the knife has been a point of contention during two years of protests. witnesses differ. some say perez-lopez had dropped the knife before he was shot. gascon says its location doesn't support that. >> the knife was found in the street, well into the lane of traffic, several feet from perez-lopez's hand. >> reporter: also questioned why five of the six bullets hit perez-lopez in the back, if he was advancing. >> based on the time, perez- lopez would have been able to turn 90, to 180 degrees by the time the first bullet hit him. >> reporter: a.m. car perez-lopez is one of just several fatal officer involved shootings that district attorney gascon is still reviewing. clearly, these activist groups will be watching as he moves forward on the other ones.
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julie, the perez-lopez family has hired an attorney, and they are pursuing a civil case against the city. >> debora, they're clearly blocking the street out there, any word as to you how long they'll stay out there tonight? >> reporter: i think it's up to them. police are not intervening at all. as you can see, the officers are right here, just guiding traffic past them. it's light traffic anyway. it seems they will let this group dispurse on its own. >> debora, thank you. a san francisco sheriff's deputy pleaded not guilty today to insurance fraud charges. april myres were arrested -- claiming her service gun and other items were stolen. she filed a $67,000 insurance claim. myres allegedly gave the gun to her boyfriend, antoine fowler, a convicted felon, who she meat
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while she was in jail. wet weather moves into the bay area. there is more rain on the way. >> and windy tonight. chief meteorologist bill martin is watching the storm for us. and says thesome will impact your commute. >> just checking out the giants game, they're in the 7th inning, and it is raining hard over there. it's windy as well. a rough night the ballpark. the stands looked like they were half empty. the rain is coming down pretty hard right now as we thought it would. here is the system. you can kind of see it sliding through here. there's wave number two. coming in close. the showers are not seeing heavy rain, but a real heavy mist, and coming down to the tune of some areas a tenth of an inch of an hour, that kind of thing. not what we're used to. but it is on a ballgame, it is on the roadway it's out there.
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san mateo showers out there. the winds have been blowing as julie pointed out. 22 mile-an-hour south wind. that's sustained at oakland, sfo. this is as inclement weather comes in, you get the winds. 30 mile-an-hour gust. as we head into tomorrow, as you look at this live camera shot out at the ballpark, they're still playing ball right now. mark ibanez will let you know how that goes. the rain showers continue tonight, and stick around through the morning hours. so that morning commute could be a bit compromised. i'll see you back here in just a bit. >> a reminder you can track approaching storms anytime with the ktvu weather app. uber is facing charges for failure to suspend drivers. it reviewed 154 complaints
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about uber drivers suspected of driving while intoxicated. the puc found in all but three of those cases, the company either failed to investigate or suspend the drivers. uber will have a chance to present evidence, or contest the penalty. b.a.r.t.'s board of directors meets tomorrow. on the table, lesson fare discounts for the elderly, and the disabled. one plan is for b.a.r.t. to begin service daily at 5:00 a.m., rather 4:00 a.m. there is also offering a 50 cent per charge surcharge for riders who don't use clipper cards. the oakland unified school district begins to grapple with a $10 million budget short fall. as ktvu's paul chambers reports, the proposed budget
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cuts don't sit well with parents or teachers. >> dozens of upset parents, teachers, and students are protesting proposed budget cuts to oakland unified school district. >> our schools cannot take cuts. we cannot have cuts period. >> the district says it it needs to reduce spending by $10 million. all the while, protecting the state minimum reserve of 2%. the district is looking at hiring freezes, and no travel. >> i'm creating a go fund me for my class to go on a field trip, and i'm paying into a gofundme for my daughter's class to go on her field trip. >> reporter: the group took their concerns to the board members inside city hall, where they held a meeting. >> also looking at where it can have additional savings within early childhood education, and special education. although the district didn't give specific details on what it will cut, organizers say the cuts could mean a reduced number of teachers in schools, and increasing the number of
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combinations. that's when more than one grade level is taught in a single classroom. >> when people in the school dribbing and people on the school board are not taking care of our budget, and are making mistakes like this, there's absolutely no reason why they should charge our children for their mistakes. >> reporter: the possible cancelation of bus services to three oakland schools. the tune of $3 million a year. the transit agency says that is nearly a third of its operational cost for supplemental services. if the bus lines are cut it would affect hundreds of students at monterey middle, sigh line high, and community day schools. it will moo longer pay the 2.25 numbered in reimbursement. over, they say the funding no longer exists and the funds it gets now for public education, goes to special education students to get to and from school. >> they have numerous private schools that get service, but
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we're the only district that actually paid any money for it. where is the equity in that. >> reporter: the school district owes $700,000 in back payment for those supplemental bus lines, but also say as of right now, and through the end of the school year, there will be no cuts cuts to that service. the bay area widow of the gunman in the florida nightclub massacre pleaded not guilty to charges today. she's charged with aiding and abetting her husband, omar mateen, as well as obstruction of justice. solomon's attorney entered a not guilty plea for her. 49 people were killed. now to washington, and some strong words from the trump administration on russia and syrian president basher al- assad today. >> reporter: frank and julie,
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the trump administration shifted its rhetoric toward russia today. forget president trump's campaign trail praises of vladimir putin. instead the tension was evident today on differences in syria. president trump took a very different tone toward russia. >> right now, we're not getting along with russia at all. we may be at an all-time low in terms of relationship with russia. this is built for a long period of time. but we're going to see what happens. >> reporter: the world is watching. the two former cold war enemies have joined in the fight against isis, but russia's backing of syrian president basher al-assad has wrangled the u.s. nikki haley blames syrian president assad for the attack. secretary tillerson's two hour meeting did not appear to
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bridge that divide. >> there is a low level of trust between our two countries. the world's foremost nuclear powers cannot have that kind of relationship. >> reporter: russia continues to dispute the attack on civilians that led to president trump to order a strike on the site. >> i think people need to understand that. this is what we're facing. >> reporter: a lecturer in middle eastern studies in berkely. he says the conflict is complicated by regional factions and syrian president assad's tactics. >> starvation tactics against town. vast displacement, barrel bombs. >> reporter: they agree to continue fighting isis, but bartu says it's unclear how the u.s. and russia will move forward. >> what's really important here is that they finally agree how this is going to end.
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what are the rules of the game for prosecuting the rest of the conflict, and what pressure they can bring to bear on the different stakeholders and parties to agree and go along with whatever they say. >> putin did agree today to reestablish a military communication line between the two countries to keep diagnose open. bartu says the conflict could drag on. russia is scheduled to meet with officials from both syria and iran later this week. >> jana, thank you. dozens of affordable, new apartments in a tight housing market. see the project giving hope to people feeling priced out. >> tracking some showers right now. it's raining throughout much of the bay area. we'll let you know how that impacts the drive. >> in two minutes. united airlines offering refunds following last sunday's incident where a passenger was dragged off a flight. also, the ceo is making a new promise to passengers. >> no one should be treated
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and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. the ceo of united airlines did more damage control from
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that incident earlier this week. in addition to the strongest apology yet, united is also offering refunds to everyone who was on the plane. united's ceo also made another promise. >> everyone is talking about the video. a paying customer ripped from his seat so united could make room for its own employees. >> oh, my god. look at what you did to him! >> other passengers watched in horror, and millions have watched online, a pr disaster for united. on "good morning america," a complete flip flop by the company's ceo who initially blamed the passenger, dr. david dow. >> do you think he's at fault in any way? >> no, he can't be. he was a paying passenger seating on our seat in our aircraft, and no one should be treated that way. period. >> reporter: a mess for united has become an opportunity for
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new jersey governor chris christie to take action. asking transportation secretary elaine chao to suspend the ability -- >> they keep those guys off the plane to make money. >> reporter: to be fair, all airline customers overbook, banking on when there are more travelers than seats, airlines pay some to take a later flight, or just remove them. >> i understand their position, because it is a business. i think what happened the other day with united went beyond the pail. >> reporter: united's ceo may have gotten the message. >> we're not going to put on an officer to remove a booked seated, paying passenger.
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we can't do that. >> reporter: united as refunded the tickets of everybody that was on last sunday's flight. as the investigation into what happened continues, two more aviation officers have been placed on leave. we can also tell you that the doctorate the center of all of this, david dow has hired an attorney. we could see a lawsuit coming against united. a very healthy company. in the last two years they have made almost $1 billion in profits. berkely police released three more photos today of people wanted for a melee. officers say the community helped identify those people and police made arrests. the demonstration on march 4 drew supporters of president trump, and anti-trump protesters. it took only a matter of minutes for things to get physical. several people carried sticks. others brought pepper spray. in the south bay, prosecutors are launching a new
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data driven approach to fight crime. the district attorney's office says it wants to change the way the county gathers and analyzes crime data, so that law enforcement can react more quickly and efficiently. santa clara county saw an increase in violent crime last year. prosecutors say they'll be focusing their new efforts on crimes involving guns. >> what we decided is to be smarter about how we use our evidence in solving gun crimes. by processing them through technology that can track, basically like a fingerprint, unique data about guns and their cartridges. >> prosecutors say they also plan to crackdown on burglaries. state health officials said today that kindergarten vaccination rates have hit a new high. the california department of public health published its
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knew assessment. figures show 95% of students attending kindergarten in the current school year have gotten their shots. on wall street, trading was slow today. industrial companies led a general decline. the dow slipped 59 points. nasdaq dropped 30, and the s & p lost 8. we're tracking those raindrops out there now. scattered showers throughout the area. this system has quite a bit of coverage right now. you see two waves. a main system going through right now. showers relatively moderate to light. i haven't seen anything heavy yet. but we are seeing the heaviest rain around san francisco off on the sunset and richmond districts. these showers are going to linger into the late night hours. then tomorrow morning, i think the roads are wet for your commute, and i think there's a little of this in the morning. just a little bit of rain. not like we're seeing now, but
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some light scattered showers. so the morning commute, i don't think it's going to be one of those awful wet morning commutes, but it's going to have some wet on it. just a little bit. not like tonight. overnight lows are in the upper 40s, lower 50s. the temperatures tomorrow will be cooler, because this is a cold front going through. there is the morning, but look at the clearing. you've got some sun. you've got some clouds, you've got some sprinkles. showers likely for the early part of the commute. the afternoon, maybe a few widely scattered showers as well. san francisco, oakland, redwood city. at the end the day, it looks like that. we just kind of keep the scattered sprinkles in all day tomorrow, but there will be plenty of sunshine as well. see you back here with the long range forecast and more rain chances for the holiday weekend. caltran showing what the new pfeiffer canyon bridge near big sur will look like. the structure started to collapse after rains in february caused a landslide that solicited the bridge's support columns. highway 1 had been shut down since then, leaving residents
10:22 pm
stranded, and businesses without customers. the new bridge is designed to span the canyon without support. cam trains hopes to have it open in september. a pet project of apple founder steve jobs may be closer to reality. the secretive clinical trials that are reportedly underway for a monitor for diabetes. >> and sharks were battling the oilers in the first game of the playoffs. mark will tell you how they did. >> in two minutes, a family that pell into homelessness with a new place to live.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer. a new report by the community organization working partnerships u.s.a. shows that no cause evictions in san jose have increased more than 270% in the last six years, affecting about 2200 households. the study also shows large
10:25 pm
companies own about 3/4 of the rental units in san jose. as city officials get ready to take up the issue of evictions, many landlords say the city shouldn't infringe on their right to profit from their company. >> the project is beginning hope to thousands who are otherwise priced out of the market. >> reporter: erica lost her job when the cay say she worked in closed. then they lost her home. >> we ended up being homeless, so we were couch surfing from my mother's to my sister's. >> reporter: finding a new one in pricey san francisco sent her reeling. thanks to a new affordable housing project, she calls this
10:26 pm
nine story building with sweeping city views home. >> i'm so thankful. i can't put it into words. >> the rents in this apartment building range from about 860 to a studio, to 1200 for a two bedroom, and 1350 for a three bedroom. >> this is 67 units more in my 30,000 unit goal that we're trying to build. we're over halfway there. this accomplishes about 17,000 units that i promised five years ago. >> reporter: named after housing advocate bill sorrow, the building sits on howard. once the hugo hotel, red tagged in 1989, the building then became well known when a local artist stuck furniture on the outside. the city acquired it four years ago. cato bird and her sons moved in. >> this is one of the coolest starts i can imagine. >> reporter: health problems
10:27 pm
set her back. she was homeless and her two sons forced to live with their grandparents. now, yes, sire says the burden has been lifted, and he can focus on school in the future. her family's future, bright. >> their faith has grown so much bigger after this, because their prayers were answered to finally have a home. >> reporter: in san francisco, tara moriarte, ktvu, fox 2 news. bikes stolen from an elite women's cycling team. >> they probably have some idea that they're pretty special. >> they came to play. what a comeback. the sharks win game 1 of the stanley cup playoffs. why fans say this is their year. live-stream your favorite sport,
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big night tonight pour the san jose sharks. game 1 of the stanley cup playoffs. >> the san jose sharks took on the oilers in edmonton. azenith smith is live at the official watch party. where fans hope this year they will win the stanley cup. >> reporter: can i just say, what a game. the sharks winning in overtime tonight. last year, they were close to winning. just two games away. fans say this is their year, and they're rooting for them to go all the way. clearly sharks territory. fans pumped in teal. >> this is like the one day of the year i look forward to the
10:31 pm
most. >> we got so close last year. i think this year we're going to get even closer, and get it. >> reporter: the sharks made it to the stanley cup playoffs last year. the first time in the team's 25 year i.t.ry. -- history. they fell two games short, losing to the pittsburgh penguins. >> i made every sing the home game, except for the final game, so i blame myself for not winning the cup. >> reporter: good sign for the playoffs. back on the he's, key player, logan coturier. another fan favorite, joe thornton, still healing. >> i'm disappointed, but i hope he comes back later in the series. >> reporter: despite injuries, fans are optimistic, especially with goalie martin jones. >> good luck trying to get one past jones. he's looking really good this season. >> the beauty of the stanley
10:32 pm
cup playoffs, all it really takes is for a team to get in. once you get in, really anything can happen. >> reporter: hoping to spread sharks fever throughout the bay area. this home in los gatos, one of five to be painted in teal, just for the playoffs. >> you've got to keep it for at least a year. it had to be 75% teal. >> reporter: all of them hoping for a deep run. the longer the sharks are in the series, the better for business. >> it brings people out. get the energy up, and having a good time. >> reporter: no shortage of fans growing their playoff beards, a sharks tradition. the sharks play the oilers again in edmonton on friday in this best of 7 series and the first home game is on sunday. back to you. >> you can feel the excitement building already. apple is reportedly working on a device to help diabetics
10:33 pm
keep track of their blood sugar levels. according to cnbc, it was the brain child of the founder of apple, steve jobs. >> one idea was to use a sensor by shining a light through the skin. the company declined to comment on the cnbc report. now to the north bay, where investigators are trying to track down thieves who stole nine professional racing bikes worth about $100,000. as frank malicote tells us, they're working furiously to replace those bikes. >> reporter: to the untrained cyclers eye, this may look like another bike. to those in the know -- >> you're looking at a ferrari, or a lambeau, something like that. >> reporter: this is tricked out with every option. it's one of nine elite racing bikes all stolen from the women's racing team from this
10:34 pm
trailer in madera last thursday night. estimated loss? well over $100,000. >> it's usually impactful. first of all, it's women's sport, it's hard to get financial support for women's sport, and then it's women's cycling. so you know, we're pretty low on the roster when it comes to sport. >> that's the hole in the fence. >> reporter: the team mechanic discovered the empty trailer. both doors open, banging in the wind. >> i got that kind of dreaded, oh, no, this is not going to be good. >> reporter: it's brennan's job to rebuild nine bikes for a team of 11. a team that includes olympic medalists and world champions. >> you think if someone took the time to scope it out and break in, and take what they did out of there, they probably had an idea they were pretty special. >> reporter: 15 pounds, not an ounce more, as you can see, light as a feather. they are so unique, whoever stole these bikes is likely
10:35 pm
going to have a very hard time unloading them. >> we were getting replies back within minutes and hours of people all over the country and canada. we'll keep an eye out. everybody is aware of it. there are people in europe aware of it. >> reporter: a business next door may have captured the theft on surveillance. they hope to have access to that later this week. ktvu, fox 2 news. >> i didn't know frank was that strong. some young athletes are scoring more than just goals on the ice. where a special team is winning hearts, and changing minds. >> it's raining out there. reports from the north bay of some heavy rain at this hour. i'll show you the latest radar, and what it means for the morning commute. it's going to be a little wet out there. >> a risky rescue of a man stuck add the bottom of a trench, unable to move.
10:36 pm
you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next.
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a tense rescue effort in san ramon today for a man who fell into a trench at a work site. the accident happened near omega and purdue roads just after 11:00 today. rescuers say the worker fell into a trench through a sewer
10:39 pm
pipe. the worker was taken to the hospital. cal osha will investigate what happened. the california highway patrol announced the arrest of a taxi driver today accused of sexually assaulting a passenger. 42-year-old marari tackily faces charges of sexually assaulting a woman who he picked up in roanoke mark last december. investigators say they were able to identify the driver based on video evidence and dna. tackily is do in court tomorrow morning. comedian charlie murphy died today after a long battle with leukemia. murphy was the older brother of actor eddie murphy.
10:40 pm
find out how a little known court has transformed the lives of children with disabilities. >> and our chief meteorologist bill parton tracking the rain. he's back with his complete forecast right on through the easter weekend. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer.
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new at 10:00, just a nice story. a championship sports team made up of boys with physical disabilities. >> amber lee with how the sports changed the lives of the boys who play it. >> reporter: julie, the boys range in age from 9 to 18 years old. most can't walk and need a wheelchair. others rely on crutches or
10:43 pm
braces. on the ice, it's a whole nother world. >> reporter: the chill of the oakland ice center warms the spirits of these boys. with sleds and modified hockey sticks, they have fluidity in motion and speed, that isn't possible off the ice. playing sled hockey taught garnett an important lesson. >> in life you can do anything you want to. >> reporter: the 15-year-old was born with a joint condition that keeps him from walking. sled hockey, he says, frees him from the confines of a wheelchair and stereotypes. >> i've become a lot more independent, and i've flown all over the country, by myself. seeing my daily life, i'm more independent now. >> reporter: garnett scored 3 goals to help his team one win the national championship game on sunday against the illinois hornets. 9-year-old thomas, born with a spinal cord defect and needs crutches to get around, scored
10:44 pm
the winning goal in the playoffs to get his team into the championship game. >> i like to make people proud. that includes my teammates, dad, mom, coach, brother. and then i've got some skills. >> attack right here. >> reporter: goalie ian guilder was born with cerebral palsy. >> i've gone through surgeries. i've had to deal with a couple of things in my life. it's made my life a lot easier, because it made it seem like there's another outlet for me, instead of just going to school, and coming home. >> the head coach is paralyzed prosecute the waist down after a car accident when he was 18. the four time paralympian says sled hockey is his passion. he says the sport transforms how the boys see themselves. >> there's something to be said
10:45 pm
to have a kid fall down, and learn the value of getting back up. >> here at the rank, the boys are not defined by their physical disability. they're on an even playing field with their peers. >> when we can get them around other kids experiencing the same things as them. it tends to lead to a lot more growth and independence, social independence, and just, you know personal growth over all. >> my dream, compete in the paralympics paralympics for the u.s.a. >> reporter: team officials say few people know about youth sled hockey. they hope by shining a lit on what the sport has done for these boys will get others interested and involved. this sled hockey team is part of bay area outreach and recreation, which offers programs for children with disabilities, free of charge. live in the newsroom, amber lee, ktvu, fox 2 news. that was a nice story. we've got some nice rain to talk about right now. the showers are coming down. getting reports in the north bay of pretty fast and furious
10:46 pm
stuff. the rain's coming down pretty hard there. for the most part, the showers are moderate to light. you can see, come in a little closer here, and you can see where the heaviest rains are. san francisco getting a break there. there's a secondary system off in the pacific, let me back this out. so this system kind of up in that area is going to move in tomorrow morning. as that moves in, we're looking for more showers, potentially for the morning commute. just be ready for it. i think the heaviest rain is right now. temperatures today were like these, or were these. 68 in napa. 63 in vallejo. temperatures tomorrow, are going to be cooler, because that's a front going through right now. northerly, northwesterly, and it's going to cool off. highs tomorrow are just going to be for the most part in the
10:47 pm
60s. there's an act fen pattern. that looks like february to me. it really does. the jet stream is so far south right now for this late in the season. days get longer, this jet stream is right in here. you can see where the warm air meets the cold air. that's the jet stream. that's typically up in here. right now, we've got a big drop in that jet stream, which is productive. that jet has been laying pretty far south. rain tomorrow. then we get back into it on sunday. midnight tonight, the showers kind of trail off, then we get into tomorrow morning, and we get into tomorrow around lunch, or around 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning is just going to be a drippy, drippy, kind of like this morning's commute. basically, this is all, i hate
10:48 pm
to say nuisance showers. but it's nuisance showers that will continue a little bit tomorrow, look joey, look. >> yeah. >> tomorrow, i had a basket in there. i go no way, dude, i put the bunny in there for you. easter egg hunts, i think are going to be fine in the morning. i thinkly lunchtime, it's going to be sprinkley and showery. >> good job. i like the bunny. thanks bill. sports is coming up next, we'll be right back.
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10:51 pm
all is good. stanley cup playoffs. just love it. >> all is good. this is a sportscaster's dream in the bay area, anyway. all winners. good news if you like the local teams. we've got to start with the sharks. kind of in sneak attack mode with the way they closed the regular season, i think a lot of people don't figure they're going to go back to the stanley cup finals, but they have different ideas. back in the lineup. however, joe thornton still out. the oilers storm out to the lead, already leading 1-0, when he takes the assist from the great connor mcdavid. 2-0. 2nd period, the sharks
10:52 pm
power play. back in it. the shot that joe ward will redirect in, and the sharks are back in this thing, 2-1. 3rd period, not a shark's strong point. feeding paul martin. his first postseason goal in 42 games. it's 2-2, and it went to overtime. just 3:22 in. blasting away. carlson, beating cam talbot on the glove side. the sharks snatched it. game 2 friday in edmonton as they beat their old coach, todd mcclellan, who was the sharks head man for 7 years. tough game for them to lose on home ice. well, we now know who the warriors are going to play. we know when, and i've got a pretty good idea of how they're going to play. meaningless, you could call it that against the lakers
10:53 pm
tonight, but they have good signs all the way around. kd had not hit a three-pointer until then. matter of fact, he had 5 of 7. that smile tells you how he's doing. 29 points in 27 minutes. steph is also ready for the postseason. last regular season game. he finishes with 20. he also hits 5 threes like kd. maybe that was an assist. patrick with 13 points for the warriors off the bench. defense here. sean livingston poked it away. steph, kd, and they build a huge lead over the hapless l.a. lakers. more defense, the steal onto curry, and the easy one. but he makes it look tricky anyway. 109-94. none of the starters played in the 4th quarter. draymond, and iguodala did not play at all. the warriors finish it off
10:54 pm
strong. it will be sunday. game 1 against portland at 12:30 at the oracle. the warriors with a 67-15 regular season record. the governor said it. the drought is over. and the giants played through another basic rain storm out at at&t tonight, but the big news, matt cain and a night for hot chocolate, it was. the hot chocolate guy upset at himself for missing a foul ball out there. it came right to him, couldn't make the play. but matt cain was making his pitches for the first time in a long time. commanding. 5 innings. gave up only 5 hits. struck out 6, and gave up 1 run. it was his double that started a rally. giants trailing 1-0, and cain comes around to score. look at hunter pence reach out and poke it down the right field line.
10:55 pm
he's got an rbi single to put the giants in front for the first time. they had another. then in the 7th, three more. this guy needed this hit. jared parker. youngster struggling in the early going. a shot to deep center. almost left the yard. the giants wind up as 6-2 winners. taking the d'backs. there's an example of the weather out there at at&t tonight. the a's, are also playing good ball, and getting great pitching from the bottom part of the rotation. another youngster in kansas city. the highlight of his night as he wasn't watching the royals play. or maybe her. andrew triggs is on his game. gave up no runs. a little help along the way.
10:56 pm
rajai davis. a nice backhanded catch. rajai with the bat this time. scours it fair down the left field line. he had a couple of hits in this one. finishes 2 for 4. the a's polish things off. jed lowrie. watch him just miss a grand slam with the bases loaded. high off the screen. and it is a two run double. and the a's are big time winners tonight. 8-3 over kansas city. meantime, the masters is over, and we now go light years away from the masters to john daly. if you ever wondered what happened to him, here's his thing today. to be barefoot. he also, he almost knocked over his beer at the charity event. >> now we know. whoa!
10:57 pm
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you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. whoa, whoa! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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good morning, almost husband. good morning, almost -- oh, no! no! oh! oh! pepper: oh, calm down. this can't be the first time you've woken up with other men in your bedroom. happy wedding day! [ laughs ] what are you doing here? you pay for a full-service wedding, you get our full packages. ohh. close, honey. so close. and we're crossing. we're crossing. and trays down. and trays down. napkins. relax. enjoy. the car will pick you up at 4:00 to whisk you away to your beautiful hilltop wedding. how's the weather? i had a dream it rained on everyone. dry as a bone. the only thing it will be raining tonight is men. we really need it. mm. has anyone heard from sal? no. and i will never understand why you asked that boozy us-hag to officiate your wedding. we didn't exactly ask sal. sal... mm-hmm. ...we have something very important to talk to you about. yeah, we hope that maybe you would be open to the idea -- yes! i will totally officiate your wedding!


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